chip for web
chip for web

Introducing SPU-001

  • 1.52mm x 2.2mm WLCSP15 packaging
  • 22nm ULL Process
  • 1 MB of on-chip SRAM
    • 10 MB effective memory with sparsity
    • Unused SRAM can be repurposed
  • SPI for interfacing with host processor
  • Power gating with sleep mode
  • Sub-mW inference for speech, audio, and other 1-D data

Dual Sparsity
10 X 10 =

Our hardware can achieve multiplicative benefits in speed and efficiency when both forms of sparsity are present.

Sparse Weights

  • Supports sparsely connected models

  • Only stores and computes on weights that matter

  • 10x improvement in speed, efficiency, and memory

icon model 2 copy
icon model 2 copy

Sparse Activations

  • Supports sparse activations

  • Skips computation when a neuron outputs zero

  • 10x increase in speed and efficiency

icon model 1 copy
icon model 1 copy

Core Design

coredesign gif 2
coredesign gif 2

4 Core Configuration

  • 512 kB on-chip SRAM per core
  • 5 MB effective SRAM with weight sparsity
  • 1.3 mm2 single core (22nm process)
  • AXI interface

Want to learn more about SPU-001 & Our IP Design?

Specification Sheet

SPU Architecture


  • Distributes memory into small banks near processing elements to improve throughput
  • Reduces data motion by performing computations close to on-chip memory banks
  • Eliminates energy and memory bottlenecks caused by accessing off-chip memory

Scalable Core Design

  • Core can be tiled, scaling to match needs and constraints of any deployment environment
  • Targets a wide range of applications and form factors
  • Digital design can be ported to other process nodes to balance performance and cost


Femtosense SDK

Our SDK supports PyTorch, TensorFlow, and JAX, so developers can get started with minimal barriers. The SDK provides advanced sparse optimization tools, a model performance simulator, and the Femto compiler. 

femto stack
femto stack

Deploying AI Algorithms to the SPU

Start with existing models : Deploy TensorFlow, PyTorch, and JAX models to the SPU without fine-tuning. Achieve high efficiency for dense models, and even higher efficiency for sparse models.


Optimize models for the highest performance with sparsity regularization and quantization aware training. Fine-tune existing models or train from scratch.


Simulate energy, latency, throughput, and footprint of your model on the SPU.


Use the Femto compiler to deploy to the SPU for verification, testing, and production.

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