A Sparse AI Solution for
the Real-time Edge

A Sparse AI Solution for the Real-time Edge

Silicon and IP
Software Tools
Neural Networks

The Future of AI is Sparse


Silicon and IP

Run AI applications under 1 mW by skipping zero connections and activations. Deploy as a co-processor chip or tileable IP in an SoC.

Software Tools

Develop your own compressed sparse models in PyTorch and TensorFlow Lite and deploy to the SPU with a Python API.

Neural Networks

Sparsified, quantized, fine-tuned, and ready-to-deploy neural networks for applications like speech enhancement, keyword spotting, neural beamforming and more!

Applications We’ve Enabled

Real-time speech enhancement <1mW

Always-on keyword detection <100µW

Always-on multiclass sound event detection

demo 2
Play Video

AI Noise Cancellation Demo

Femtosense was at CES 2022 running an ultra-low-latency speech enhancement demo. A video is nice, but hearing is believing.

Reach out to experience our latest version live and in-person. Visit us at CES 2023 if you are around!


SPU-001 Now Available

Introducing SPU-001, the world's first dual-sparsity AI accelerator for smaller electronic devices. Bring more functionality to your products without affecting battery life or cost.

The Sparse Processing Unit

The Sparse
Processing Unit

A Hyper-Efficient Hardware and Software Solution for Edge AI

SPU Hardware Platform

We’ve built our hardware platform to achieve the efficiency of an ASIC, while retaining the flexibility of a general purpose accelerator. The SPU is easy to program, easy to simulate, and easy to deploy, allowing engineers and product managers to get innovative, class-leading products to market quicker.


10x larger models
100x efficiency

First-class hardware support for dual-sparsity neural networks for low memory footprint and high efficiency.


A wider range of applications and scales

Tileable, all-digital core design with 512 kB per core. Can be ported to different process nodes.


Less time deploying, more time designing

Deploy as a co-processor or IP from PyTorch or TensorFlow. Iterate with the model performance simulator.


Unrestricted to build the impossible

CNNs, RNNs, Transformers, and custom models supported with fine-grain optimization tools.

Femtosense SDK

We’ve built our software development platform to help companies of all sizes deploy optimal sparse AI models for tomorrow’s applications and form factors. Our SDK contains advanced sparse model optimization tools, a custom compiler, and a fast performance simulator. It’s everything you need  from exploration to deployment.

Widely-used ML Frameworks

Develop and deploy networks from high level frameworks like PyTorch and TensorFlow Lite

Easy Optimization

Easily prune, quantize, and fine tune sparse models with our model optimization tools

Rapid Development

Estimate energy, latency, throughput, and model footprint from a Python API

Get updates

Be the first to know about new products and features

Get updates

Be the first to know about new products and features

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